Madonna Spotted in Freddy

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It was a regular sight to see Madonna cycling around London when she was living full-time in the capital.  Whenever she pops back for a visit, it seems she cannot wait to get her super-toned behind back on the two-wheeler!  Madonna was spotted this week biking around wearing the Italian brand Freddy – designer of the finest slouchy sweats!

It’s not a huge surprise that Madonna is a fan; Freddy is famous for cute leg-warmers, footless tights, and simple jersey shirting.  Starting off as a dancer in New York, leg-warmers and tights would’ve been a staple in her wardrobe!

Freddy’s flapship store opened in Covent Garden in London 2008, a whopping 32 years after it started in Italy, and is going from strength to strength.  Well, if Madge is a fan, I’m there!  Anything to help me get a rock-hard body like the Queen of Pop!  If you are heading down there then look out for me;  I’m be wearing a leotard, pair of purple tights, and pink leg-warmers, busting a move to Borderline! Lace gloves, anyone?

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