Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana

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Who wouldn’t want to perform at Nivea’s centenary celebration in the fashionable Milan, Italy? Rihanna did just that this week, and her skin was looking as smooth as a baby’s bottom! (Let’s hope that was down to Nivea!).

Looking ultra-sexy, she chose to wear a Dolce & Gabbana white dress, from their spring 2011 collection, which clung to every inch of her curves. The dress made her look very sophisticated, fresh, and lady-like. Keeping her red hair in a simple fish-bone plait, I really think there couldn’t have been a better way to compliment the dress!

I believe these kind of sculptured designs are sported best when seated on the best derrière, and, if you, like Rihanna, can do this justice, then there is a dress for you, from Oasis, for £85!

Tell me first though, did you love or loathe Rihanna in D&G?

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