Cate Blanchett vs Yoona in Louis Vuitton

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Wearing a white dress can be risky at the best of times but wearing a white lace dress can be even riskier. Before we were even thinking of what we would be wearing in spring, Cate Blanchett was wearing a Louis Vuitton dress from the label’s Spring collection. Last December, Cate wore the white embroidered dress with white heels and simple make-up to the opening of a new Louis Vuitton boutique. Yoona decided to follow in Cate’s footsteps by wearing the same dress to the Love Rain press conference a couple of weeks ago. However, Yoona chose to wear nude pumps with her dress.

Louis Vuitton’s collection featured several white lace dresses, so get yourself some nude underwear and head to a Louis Vuitton boutique if you love this frock. Or, you can get a similar look with this Lace Dress (£45).

We have seen Cate wearing Louis Vuitton before. She won you over last time and I think she may do it again. Her wavy blonde hair and white dress looks amazing. Yoona looks good too but when you’re competing with Cate by wearing Louis Vuitton as well, you know you have lost the battle really. Do you agree? Vote below!

Images courtesy of Zimbio.com.

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