Rihanna vs Alexandra Burke in Silver Spoon Attire

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In Spring 2012 the ‘veiled beanie’ was seen on models up and down the runway. Rihanna was the first to been seen wearing  this design by Silver Spoon Attire recently out clubbing in L.A. Rihanna wore the ‘mesh bow beanie with pearls’  to keep her head warm as the Barbadian beauty was lacking clothes in other areas! She wore the hat with a smart suit and bandeau top showing off her toned midriff. As well as her hat, Ri Ri also accessorized with gorgeous pair of Manolo Blahnik suede leather pumps and gold jewellery.

Alexandra Burke wore the same hat without the pearls, less than a week after Rihanna to an NBA basket ball match at the London O2 arena. Alexandra was also wearing a similar outfit to Rihanna, however the X Factor winner choose to go for a bold red lip with her tailored style blazer and smart trousers.  If the mesh beanie is your style you can proudly purchase the same one from the Silver Spoon Attire site, or if you want a similar and cheaper look try this beanie with studs (£12).

Many people would agree that this style hat should be left on the runway, but I think it is very unique and can work well with the right outfit on the right person. Rihanna mixes smart and street wear so well and because of this my vote goes to her in this battle of the beanies. What do you think? Vote below.

 Images courtesy of  SBTV and Fashionbombdaily

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