Gwen Stefani vs Olivia Wilde in A.L.C.

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I couldn’t wait to show you this celeb faceoff when I saw it – unlike some celebrities who let their clothes do all the talking for them, here are two girls who have taken the same A.L.C. leather jacket and really stamped their own style on it.

Gwen was spotted wearing it a few months ago for a casual day out in Los Angeles. Teamed with casual trousers, a striped top and some sporty heels, it had her typical casual but unique look to it – so laid back, and yet so not a look most women could pull off.

Actress Olivia went in completely the opposite direction yet still made the look totally her own when she teamed the jacket with a smart shirt, feminine skirt and some killer heels in lipstick red. On someone else the harsh leather jacket could appear totally out of place with the otherwise grown up, girly outfit but Olivia has pulled it off perfectly. It’s in just the right place between dressed down and dressed up.

To steal their style, the real thing would set you back a massive £1,225 but us mere mortals can still get hold of a great quality leather jacket from Topshop for a much more affordable £175. Who’s style will you be copying, Gwen’s fierce and casual look or Olivia’s girly take on the trend?

Images courtesy of peoplestylewatch.com

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