Blake Lively vs LeAnn Rimes in Isabel Marant

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It has been a while since I’ve seen two celebrities wearing the same dress where they both look awful.  I can sleep better at night now knowing that it has happened again.  Step forward Blake Lively and LeAnn Rimes in Isabel Marant. Surprised to see Blake’s name and ‘awful’ together?  Yeah, me too.  Turn off that look of horror from your face and check her out here. As separates they could work, but here she is going to make Janet Street-Porter look fashionable!  LeAnn doesn’t cut the mustard either as, although her Alexander McQueen sandals totally rock, and gold McQueen sandals seem to be the footwear of the moment, she loses style points with not having much up top!  This style is not for the flat-chested!  Just goes to show you that skinny minnies cannot wear everything!

Perhaps it’s the colour?  Paris Hilton wore the blue version recently and I think she totally shows the designers dress and Parisian Chic to its full potential!  Because of this I’ll show you where you can buy the blue version here for £232.50. If you are looking for a nice black v-neck dress, I don’t think you’ll go wrong with this version which I think will be flattering for most shapes.


But who wore it better?  Vote now!

Images courtesy of stylewatchpeople & coolspotters.com

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