Miranda Kerr vs Rihanna in Nobody

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A pair of staple jeans is vital to any woman’s wardrobe. They can be anything from skinny to bootcut, flared to straight leg, and almost every woman has at least a pair in their wardrobes. In these two ladies wardrobes, it’s the Nobody’s “Cult Skinny” jeans.  Miranda Kerr is working one with a striped t-shirt and red heels. Rihanna could wear a bin bag and it would look good. She added a touch of glamour to her Nobody jeans with platform boots and a faux fur jacket.

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I know jeans are meant to be casual but Miranda Kerr looks like she’s not made any effort at all apart from a pair of heels. I love Rihanna’s boots with the jeans but I am not sure about the fur coat.  Somehow, however, I think Rihanna pulls it off. But what do you think? Tell me below!

Images courtesy of Peoplestylewatch.com.