Sienna Miller’s dark day in Emilio Pucci

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I love Sienna Miller, if you haven’t guessed that already.  Today, however, I ask “Sienna, please, just what are you wearing?” My heart has broken a little bit and you have to come back soon wearing something better to mend it asap!  This Emilio Pucci fall 2011 dress doesn’t look that bad from the waist up.  Sienna wore it a few days ago in Paris to help Lancel celebrate 135 years of French Légèreté.  I wonder if they regret inviting her now? I really like the lace detail which stretches down to the wrists and her cleavage looks amazing. I like the idea of the wrap, but it goes on for too long and how it then transcends into a skirt with fringe detail, well, to me, it is just a complete mess!

However, I think this dress has really good potential.  I adore the lace pattern,and when worn correctly, lace can be sexy. If you fancy looking hot to trot then check out this dress for a purse-friendly £22. You’ll have money left over for a stomping pair of shoes and look way better than Sienna, and how often will we be able to say that?

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