Shailene Woodley vs Zhang Jingchu in Valentino

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Lace is always a popular trend but this spring it seems to be softer and more delicate than it has been in the past. This red lace Valentino dress embraces that 20s trend that has emerged this season. Shailene Woodley, star of the ‘Descendants’, wore the dress to the 2012 Directors Guild of America Awards. The actress opted to put a different dress underneath and her plait kept the look youthful. Zhang Jingchu chose to wear a black gown underneath the Spring 2012 dress. Her gold accessories and long black hair worked really well with the dress.

The Valentino dress can be yours if you don’t plan on going on holiday or eating for the next few months. If you do still want a holiday then perhaps this Long Lace Evening Dress (£95) is more suitable. This dress embraces the lace trend perfectly and has a lining underneath so your modesty stays intact.

Shailene looks gorgeous in the Valentino dress but I just love Zhang’s black hair contrasting with the red lace. I also like that she just kept the dress underneath the lace dress simple. Shailene took the focus away from the red lace with her dress that she’s got on underneath. What do you think? Vote below!

Images courtesy of Zimbio.com.

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